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What We Do

We are the only alcoholic beverage supplier providing all the following services:


We incubate brands from concept to maturity. We spend a great deal of time on the marketing, to ensure we create end consumer pull rather than focusing on pushing products through the system. The cornerstone of our philosophy is that successful marketing is the main driver of value.


David Kanbar has over 20 years of experience in the alcoholic beverage business. He is an expert in sales, marketing, production, finance, and operations, from concept to exit.


We provide distribution through our network of wholesalers, in both the United States and the international markets.


We primarily invest our own capital but for larger transactions work with a network of venture capital funds, family offices, and private equity funds.

In short, we develop our own brands and work with celebrities and entrepreneurs to develop their brands. When working with brand partners we are not here to replace you. We not only welcome but expect you to work closely with our team to build your brand.

We provide capital at the seed, Series A, Series B and Mezzanine levels. We also assist the brand owner in raising capital, and we believe our involvement will only make that process easier.

See our Investment Criteria

David Kanbar is a seasoned entrepreneur and an expert in every aspect of the Wine & Spirits industry, including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Production and Operations. Our team is made of experts in each of these areas well.

There is likely not one challenge you will face that at least one of our team members has not faced and overcome many times in their careers. We will provide you with all the help you will need to efficiently and effectively manage your brand, whether that means helping agency brands realize their potential or building a start-up brand towards an exit.

See our Investment Criteria

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not necessary for a start-up alcoholic beverage brand to have a dedicated infrastructure. In fact, this is the least efficient use of your valuable capital. While Brand House will provide the sales infrastructure to support and accelerate your growth, our focus will be on developing creative, cost-effective marketing campaigns and flawless execution against those programs.

In short, we believe marketing, not infrastructure, is the true driver of value. However, it is important to ensure that the interests of your partner are aligned with your company’s. Our goals are your goals, and if that means holding a brand for the long-term, that works for us. If you want to build towards and exit, that works for us as well.

We utilize our own capital, but for larger transactions, we raise capital through family offices or we partner with venture capital funds or private equity funds (for majority stake acquisitions), none of whom have ties to any wholesalers or suppliers. This gives us complete independence when developing an exit strategy; when and if you decide to exit, we will put your brand out for competitive bid to ensure you the best price with no constraints on to whom you may sell your business.

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